See the goal, make the plan, ignite your fire to make it happen 

Join Emily and Mary in learning how to create a health routine that fits and ACTUALLY sticks for  YOU 

CATALYST is a program intended to help those newer or returning to the fitness lifestyle establish routines and a mindset that will foster sustainable, long-term success. We will do this through coaching on behavior change strategies and foundational movement.

This 6-week program includes one weekly 45-minute small group session, one weekly 30-minute individual coaching session, and an interactive workbook complete with space for tracking progress and additional resources. 

Here are topics you can expect to cover:

▪️Goal setting

▪️Time/schedule management

▪️Mindful awareness

▪️Overcoming mental barriers

▪️Fueling & Recovery

▪️All of your exercise fundamentals (functional movement and strength training, posture, core, cardio)

Catalyst kicks off on saturday April 6th

This 6-week program is $199

This program is for anyone struggling to maintain consistency, overcoming mental barriers to exercise, or searching for support/guidance in establishing a comprehensive plan towards personal wellness.

We are so excited to kickstart your momentum towards change!