Success Story: Tim Johnson

My Formula Complete Fitness journey began on 11/1/2017 after 7 years of consistent running using various levels of coaching and multiple types of training plans. A few days prior to joining I’d completed a one-mile Race and a 10K with the idea those results could serve as good benchmarks to gauge my success at Formula. Little did I realize after only 6 weeks of consistently attending Equilibrium and Focus classes, I’d complete a 5-mile race on the same course under the same conditions and reduce my pace by 30 seconds per mile. After 14 weeks of training, using a plan Ann and Jason created for me, I reduced my half marathon time by exactly four minutes over the same course, under virtually the same conditions five years after the fact. 

As my one-year anniversary at Formula approaches and I continue to regularly attend Equilibrium, Focus and the newly introduced Flex Classes, I’m still making consistent progress in aerobic fitness, overall strength and balance.  I’m a few months past my initial Lactate Threshold Testing and I look forward to a follow-up session that will provide the metrics to support what I’m seeing in my training and racing. Above the physical gains, both measurable and those not so easily quantified, I’ve improved my attitude (becoming comfortable being uncomfortable as we’ve heard from Jason) and my confidence as a runner. Pushing the pace to 12.0 - 12.5 MPH on the Woodway for a final surge or two was beyond laughable a short-time ago, now it’s a reality…most days.   

My wife commented how I must be beyond happy with my training at Formula as I’ve avoided the mental burnout/fatigue and the physical injuries I’ve experienced previously when training five to six days per week over extended periods of time. The variety in the classes, the quality of the equipment, and most of all, the level of experience/expertise of the instructors contribute to an environment that’s fresh, fun and has allowed me to be successful in in the ways mentioned previously.

Here I am celebrating my 200th class by matching with the boss lady.

Here I am celebrating my 200th class by matching with the boss lady.

Formula continues to provide the venue and the motivation to do all of the “little” things that aren’t so “little” when it comes to making me the best runner/athlete I can be. The immense credibility of the Formula Crew makes it easy to trust them with my fitness goals and my physical well-being. 

 Having attended over 200 classes in the past 11 months (most of them on Treadmill #12), I obviously believe in and support their process.

 Thanks Ann, Jason, Emily, Adam, James, and now Pat!