Our clients are the reason we started Formula and why we do what we do each and every day. Here are a few stories from people who have made the most out of their training with Formula. 

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"I've been following the Formula training philosophy for almost a year and I've gone from being a "shuffler" running 11 minute miles to finally running a 24 minute 5k (under 8 minute miles)! I finished my first marathon in March and have lost 25 pounds in the process."

Walker Hannan

"As a trail runner, I am always reluctant to workout indoors, but after seeing the gains I made by working out with Ann my attitude totally changed. I started training with the Formula team midway through training for my first ultra. In those few short weeks before my race, I made enormous gains physically and mentally that carried me to race day and helped me reach a 2nd place age group finish in my first Ultra."

Erica Hannan

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"While the numbers speak for themselves – I shed twenty pounds and improved my half marathon time by over a minute per mile – I am most proud of the physical and mental transformation Ann helped me achieve with respect to my approach to fitness.  I am now much more diligent about planning my workouts and excited to start them, and this is all because Ann helped me train my mind and body to feel more confident and prepared." 


Wendy Harper

The soreness in my back and knees is largely gone. My stress level is lower, and my general level of confidence has improved.

The greatest benefit I've noticed by far, however, is that I have my love of running back.


David Sale

I have discovered that I too can love running. . . I feel stronger, and more confident in what my body is capable of. Most of all, I have energy. . . Formula has transformed me in and out.