Success Story: Lori Silvestri

I struggled with tight hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, and sit bone pain for several years. It was literally a pain in the butt. Despite rest, modifications to my activities, and stretching, it worsened. Every left foot strike was painful, prolonged sitting or driving was pure agony, and my mobility decreased to the point that I was tripping over the slightest tree root or uneven surface.  

After hearing my chiropractor tell me that "you're getting older and you may have to live with these aches and pains," I was determined to get to the root of my problem and to feel better. I spent several months undergoing medical treatment, x-rays, MRI's, physical therapy, medications, massages, and injections. Despite being diligent, I made little progress. As soon as I would increase my activity, it was one step forward and two steps back until I was brought to my knees from a torn hamstring and a tibia stress fracture.  

While recovering, I spent a lot of time researching my injury and injury prevention. Although I felt better, I knew that we did not get to the root of my problem. I was released to progressively return to running but I was too afraid to hit the pavement. I needed a new, safer approach.  

After reading about Formula and their concept, I met with Ann. We both felt personal training would be more appropriate until I gained some strength. When I discussed this with my physician, he agreed that it would be a good fit and that I was in great hands.  

After a couple personal training sessions, I started taking the Equilibrium classes. I began my return to running during the treadmill intervals by walking and jogging. The focus on strength and function have been essential to my return to running. Running on the Woodways with the instructors’ guidance has made me aware of my form and given me the tools that I needed to improve. In just a couple months, I am finally running pain free and feeling my strongest.