Quick-hit Thoughts with Jason After the C10M

You and Ann crossed the finish line together (more or less; the official results have her one spot ahead of you.) At what point in  the race did you and Ann decide you were going to tag-team it?

Actually, I ran right next to Ann the whole way from start to finish. Ann had been dealing with a minor injury and had missed some training so we decided before the race we would just run together which worked out well as we both ran faster than last year! It was a really fun experience and great to have so much support out there on the course, even though most people seemed more interested in cheering for Ann. 

She's pretty popular! Now that you've claimed the Masters title, got any race plans for the warm-weather months?

Yea I guess so! Seriously though, it was very inspiring and gratifying to hear so many people calling out Ann's name as we ran by. In terms of the masters title, it still seems weird that I am in that category now but I have been known to be a little competitive so I guess it's cool to be the first "old" guy. I would think the men's four miler would be my next race but we will see...

How was your experience in this year's race versus last year's race? Last year, if I recall correctly, you leapt in to the race having run a bunch but not having done any distance-specific training.

The 10 miler this year was even more fun than last year since I ran step for step with Ann. I certainly had some more quality running under my belt this year since I've been very consistent with a couple of Formula classes each week for the past six months. My running outside of the studio has been very similar, primarily just daily runs with the dogs on the farm. I knew what to expect going in to the 10 miler this time around - I was more familiar with the course and more prepared for the hills.  

When we talked after last year's 10 Miler you were happy with your performance but struggling with the recovery. How were things this time around?  

My body handled it a lot better than last year but that much pavement is still a challenge for me since I just hardly ever run on it. I slept for like 12 hours the night after the race which seemed to be a nice kick-start towards the recovery process.